CORPÓREA International Performance Festival.

Ciudadela del arte, Zacatecas, Mexico. 

July 26th, 2019. 

With an ice pick, I hit an ice block to extract several golden rings from inside, I turn to a table with materials and paint my lips. On the table there are 15 red lipsticks, I cut the bars one by one into a metal container and melt them using an alcohol lamp. I introduce a white rose in the bowl to cover it with lipstick, painting it red. I tie red yarn to one end of the rose and put it in a copper tube that I fix to my waist using the yarn, I cover my eyes and tangle in the yarn. Then I walk the space blindfolded leaving a trail on the floor with the painted rose. I randomly approach a participant and give them the ring that suits its finger. 

Blanck Page, strives to remind us about the scattered and chaotic ways of love. 

Pictures by Edgar Palacios

Video by Karla Maria DC

Video Edit by Juan Ibarra


Alma García Gil

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