Sala veinte22, Guadalajara, Mexico

April 26th, 2014

As women, society have taught us that without makeup we are not pretty, that we look sick. But nevertheless; In a context where being a woman -specially a "beautiful" woman-  is a danger, hypersexualization and the glorification of beauty canons are an aggression. The reproduction of this idealization is overlapped by social and spiritual organizations that promote cultural exercises in favor of the conservation of traditional gender roles, glorifying and moralizing them; Through them we have been taught that beauty and submission are the main virtues of women.


Carmina is a critique of the social exaltation of canonized physical beauty and female rectitude; cultural and spiritual constructions that lead us to the eternal search for physical and moral perfection, keeping us feeling incomplete and living to comply strict norms around the development of our body, which determines the treatment we receive in society, these dynamics are also a face of slavery, a limitation of our freedoms as a being.

Picures by Yamile Kabande


Alma García Gil

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