Alma García Gil

(Culiacan, Sinaloa 1990)

Is a posdisciplinary artist graduated from the Visual Arts Degree at the University of Guadalajara.


She mainly works with performance, installation and photography.


Garcia Gil has experimented with durational and relational processes; as well as working with recurring materials to generate her own system of meaning. Her work seeks to confront the viewer with multiple representations of the concepts of femininity and resistance and with episodes of her life. Her work is a critique of the gender construct and the violence it generate; but also, a reflection on the vulnerability and the subconscious.

She lives and works in Mexico City since


Credit of the Jóvenes Creadores 2019-2020 grant, granted by the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes).


· Laboratorio de Arte San Juan de Dios, 2018.

· Directory of autonomous management of Contemporary Art, Latin America, 2013.


· Persistencia Reaccional, first performance art exhibition of the CUAA, UDG, Guadalajara Jalisco. 2009.

· Línea de salida, collective exhibition. TRAMA, Guadalajara, 2009.

· Exhibición internacional de arte acción, Sala veinte22, Guadalajara, 2013.

·  10 aproximaciones a la identidad, Sala veinte22, Guadalajara, 2014.

· Festival internacional de performance: EXTRA FEM, Museo de la mujer, Mexico City, 2014.

· UTOPIA Performance Exhibition, Casa Viva, Mexico City, 2019.

· Festival Internacional de performance Corpórea, Ciudadela del arte, Zacatecas, 2019.

· Performance Otoño-Invierno, Casa de la cultura Oaxaqueña, Oaxaca, 2019.

· No lo haga usted mismo (Don't do it yourself) encuentro internacional de performance, Casa taller Comuna, Aguascalientes, 2019. 


Laboratorio de arte San Juan de Dios.

Desde sus inicios en el año 2013, en Guadalajara, México. Para Laboratorio de Arte San Juan de Dios el respeto a las otredades ha sido lo más importante dentro de un marco de derechos de la niñez, una perspectiva de género y disidencia queer. Se ha trabajado desde las pedagogías expandidas, un laboratorio de experimentación del arte contemporáneo dirigido a la niñez que habita y trabaja en el mercado techado más grande de América Latina, el “San Juan de Dios”.

En 2018 se ha publicado la versión editorial del catálogo de proyecto.

Degree in Visual Arts for Photographic Expression by the University of Guadalajara.


· Introduction to contemporary art, taught by Jorge Edgar Hernández in Museo de la Ciudad, Guadalajara, 2009.


· Workshop for active and in-service artists. Art action and performance, taught by Gustavo Artigas in Instituto Cultural Hospicio Cabañas, Guadalajara, 2009.


· Laboratory of art projects. In TRAMA specialized art and restoration center, Guadalajara, 2009.


· Action art workshop by Richard Martel in LARVA, Guadalajara, 2010.


· Workshop "Performance art / action art", given by Lala Nomada in Sala Veinte22, Guadalajara, 2013.


· Certified in Video Editing, CAAV Audiovisual Media University, 2014.


· Review of portfolio with Bruce LaBruce in Laboratorio de arte Jorge Martínez, Guadalajara, 2014.


· Performance workshop "The art of action", given by Pancho López in Sala Veinte22, Guadalajara, 2014.


· Thinking to stop thinking and acting, taught by Rocío Boliver "La Congelada de Uva" in the Women's Museum, Mexico City, 2014.

· Dialogue tables, Performance under review 1990 - 2019, Memory and archive from action art, performance and documentation in Mexico. Moderated by Lorena Tabares, Mexico City, 2019​.

· Portfolio review with Elvira Santamaria in Ciudadela del arte, Zacatecas, 2019.

· Body, philosophy and performance, taught by Seiji Shimoda in El Consultorio, Mexico City, 2019.


Laboratorio de arte San Juan de Dios.

Since its beginnings in 2013, in Guadalajara, Mexico. For San Juan de Dios Art Laboratory respect for otherness has been the most important within a framework of children's rights, a perspective of gender and dissent queer. It has worked from the expanded pedagogies, a laboratory of experimentation of contemporary art aimed at children who live and work in the largest roofed market in Latin America, the "San Juan de Dios" Market.

In 2018, the editorial version of the project catalog was published.